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Install an Interlock Device Today

Fast installation, easy operation, and a really low price


Got a question about interlock devices? We’ve got the answers

It doesn’t really matter to us why you the interlock device installed in your vehicle; whether it’s court ordered or the need to protect your loved ones. With decades of experience, Global Interlock Service has all the knowledge and expertise to get you on the road safe and sound.

How does the interlock device work?

The state sets the alcohol level that is safe to drive with. So to find out if you’re safe to drive, the Ignition Interlock Device (IDD) requires each driver to do a breath check to determine the alcohol level. We’ll attach the IDD to your car’s ignition system. If the driver passes the breath test, the ignition will turn over. If the driver’s breath has too much alcohol then the engine will not start.

So let’s say that the alcohol in the breath is at a safe level. Then what? Well, the vehicle will start, but after 5 – 30 minutes the driver might be notified to stop and take another breath test. After that first test, the driver will still need to pull over and provide another breath sample after each 15 – 60 minutes of driving. Why you ask? In case the driver is tempted to take a few swigs of alcohol while driving, additional breath tests are required. If the driver does not take the random tests, there could be violations and fees involved.

If I get a DUI, will they always take my license?

In the state of California, for example, there are two ways of losing your license. The DMV can suspend your license if you are arrested and your blood alcohol is over the limit, which depends on your age. In this case, you are granted a 30-day temporary license. This gives you time to take care of things while waiting for your trial. The second way you can lose your license is by order of the court. When you appear for your trial the court can take your license. Once mandated by the court or DMV, the terms of your IID installation can be different, but our specialists can help you with that.

What can I do to get my license back?

You will need to join a DUI program, with proof of enrollment. You’ll also be required to show an SR-22 form, which has to do with the liability coverage on your car insurance. If required to install an IID, we will coordinate that with the DMV and handle the installation and calibration for you, according to their specifications. We’ll take care of the paperwork for that. Once everything is accomplished, you can petition the court for the return of your license.

Is there a volunteer program?

Sure! No need to wait until you are ordered to install an IID. Do it now for the sake of your family!

Can I keep the device even after my program participation?

Of course you can! Call us to work out the details!

How do fleet programs work?

If you are responsible for a fleet of vehicles, you might be able to get a cheaper rate on insurance if you’ve installed the IID. It’s a good start in protecting your drivers, your vehicles and your company’s reputation! We can provide you with multi-user systems, GPS tracking and cameras facing the front and rear of the vehicle.

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