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Fast installation, easy operation, and a really low price

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Install an Interlock Device Today

Fast installation, easy operation, and a really low price


DMV & Court Mandated

Blew it big time and lost your license?

If you’ve been caught DUI, you probably lost your license. One of the steps you can take to get it back is to install an interlock device. Don’t worry about all the red tape involved, our local agents will handle that for you. But in addition to installing the interlock device, we suggest:

  1. Enrolling in a DUI course
  2. Secure SR-22 “proof of insurance”
  3. Decide to drive responsively

To order your interlock device, you only need to call one of our agents. We’ll give you the lowest cost possible and take care of installation.

Voluntary & Family

Make the Choice to Protect Your Family
Plan for the Future!

It doesn’t take much to ruin the lives of your family members or others on the road. Drinking before driving endangers everyone in your car and on the road. Take the responsible step of ordering an interlock device so that your car is not involved in a tragic accident that could have been avoided. By voluntarily ordering the interlock device, it puts out the message that no one will drive your car who has been drinking. Install the device and you own its data and control how it is used.


Fleet & Commercial

Protect Your Drivers
Save Your Commercial Fleet!

Drivers of vehicles from a commercial fleet have been known to bend the rules and have a drink or two before getting behind YOUR wheel. Whatever happens once on the road will reflect on your company’s good name. Besides causing a road catastrophe that could leave innocent people maimed for life, your company would be financially liable. Whether it’s a bus, a tanker, a crane or a tractor, it makes no difference. We’ll work with your insurance provider to give you the most protection with a reduction in premiums.

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